No cause for alarm for H1-B and other non-immigration visa holders

Confusion ensued in the public space after the American president, Donald Trump announced a suspension on issuing out of green cards and other immigration procedures. Upon the announcement, an H1-B visa and other non-immigration visa holders have raised a series of concerns on whether they should be concerned about themselves.

At present, the unemployment figures keep rising as more than 26 million American workers have lost their jobs and means of livelihood due to depletion in economic strength and sacrifices made in containing the outbreak of the pandemic crisis.

President Trump explains in his address to the media that the temporary suspension on immigration procedures is aimed at helping American workers regain their lost jobs.

He furthers explains and expresses feelings of humanity towards such citizens and the injustices of being replaced by foreign workers in the aftermath of the pandemic. He, however, mentioned that this suspension only affects those seeking green cards and permanent residency.

Distinguishing H1-B as non-immigration visa

Holders of H-1B, F1, and other foreign workers’ admission visa schemes are not categorized as immigrant visa holders. That’s because their visas are work-based, making their visa type to be regarded as a “Non-immigration visa.”

So, it’s safe to conclude that applicants and holders of non-immigration visas such as the H1-B visa need not get riled up as they are not affected by the new announcement.

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  • April 30th, 2020
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