How H1B Premium processes work?

Probably you want to get your H1B Visa, and have heard or come across H1B premium processing and you find yourself confused as to how it works and whether you need it. The questions on your mind may include, what is H1B premium processing? How is it different from regular processing? How can you apply for it? Does it really even matter? These are the questions we will be answering here, providing you with simple, brief and useful information on H1B premium processing. So let’s go!


H1B premium visa processing, is simply as the name easily connotes, a faster, quicker probably more convenient form of visa processing for those applying for H1B working visas. It basically ensures that your visa application processing is done within no more than 15 days. Meaning you get to get your application processed on time, especially if you need it done urgently. However it is important to note that the speed in processing of your application or petition, does not mean increase in chances of petition success. It is done for a required fee of $1,225, paid to the USCIS and is paid just for the employer’s application, if there are dependent visas (probably for their family or spouse) filed alongside your employee’s H1B visa, this payment will cover it too.


An employer is the one who applies for H1B premium processing, on behalf of his employee, to enable the employee work legally within the U.S. What you simply need to do as an employer, is to get and complete the “”Form I-907” used to request for premium visa processing and then, pay the required premium processing fee of $1,225. This fee payment, should be paid by a separate check and should not be paid in combination with the fee for regular H1B visa processing.


So what is the difference between regular H1B processing and premium processing? Well, for one as already discussed above, premium processing allows your petition to be processing quicker and faster, allowing you know early enough how the petition is resolved, whether successful or not. For regular processing however, your applications or petitions are submitted processing without an extra fee as premium processing demands. However, You will have to wait a lot longer before a decision is made on your application. This may sometimes take 2 to even 6 months. Of course premium processing is more expensive than regular processing.


Usually, you only need H1B premium processing when your employer needs you to start work as soon as possible, especially if it is within late August, September as you know employees can’t work until October 1. But if you are making your application a lot earlier, premium processing should not be necessary, as there is most likely no race against the clock or need to hurry.

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  • June 11th, 2019
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