H1B Visa Support Network: Who Can You Turn to for Help?

If you or a family member is planning on seeking an H1B visa sponsor and position in the US, it may seem like a daunting process.  It doesn’t help when there is news everyday about some rule change or proposed reform of the H1B program, which all seem designed to make it more difficult to work in the US.

The truth is that you are not alone, and there are resources or groups that you can turn to as a support network to achieve your dream of obtaining a non-immigrant work visa.  If you make the effort to reach out, it will make your path to an H1B much easier.

Finding a Sponsor and Position: H1B.io

If you are still looking for a sponsor and position, the first link in your network is our website www.h1b.io , where we can guide you to finding the perfect sponsor for your skills and experience.  In addition, our blog keeps you up to date weekly on any changes to the H1B visa program, and we will alert you to any major rules or new laws that may affect your petition.

The US Company/Sponsor’s HR Department

Once you have been offered employment and the petition is being prepared, it is essential to develop a good relationship with the company’s human resources department.  They will be compiling the petition and requesting documents from you to confirm your education and experience.  

If you are on friendly terms, it will be much easier to communicate and overcome any problems or issues that arise.  They will also stay on top of the approval process and help you with travel plans and even finding accommodation upon arrival in the US.

The US Consulate in Your Home Country

At some point you will have to have an interview at the US consulate, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their local website, appointment process and expectations.  They will answer any questions that you have prior to the appointment, and will also be the one to stamp the H1B visa in your passport at the consulate.

Online Resources

There are various online resources and interactive guides on the entire H1B visa process, where you can get your questions answered.  There are social media groups with members who are current or former applicants who can give you their perspective as well.

Immigration Attorneys

If your sponsor is hiring an immigration attorney to assist with the petition, they will have all of the inside information on applying and awaiting approval.  They will be in contact with you at key points in the process, and will let you know what other information or documents are needed.

Many immigration attorneys also have websites with free information and guidelines that can be useful at every stage.  They might even answer simple questions for you if they have a blog or contact page.


The USCIS is the agency that administers the H1B visa program, and they may seem like an unlikely ally.  However, they have web portals for tracking visa approval, FAQ sections and their Twitter account offers regular updates and resources for applicants.

We hope these ideas help you overcome the belief that everyone is against you when it comes to obtaining a non-immigrant work visa.  Don’t let broad policy and political statements be your only point of reference, and instead turn to those who can offer practical advice and assistance.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section for creating an H1B visa network, and let us know if you need help finding a sponsor.

  • February 8th, 2018
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