Get an H1B Sponsorship While Living in India

The IT industry employs many Indian nationals for tech positions that require work be performed in the US.  Many of these workers will enter the US and work using an H1B visa, which requires a US company to sponsor the petition.  

There are several ways for an Indian worker to find a position with a US company that sponsors H1B visas.  The fact that you are in India may present a few communication issues, but those are easily overcome if you are patient and willing to adjust to the difference in time zones.

The H1B petition itself is submitted by the US sponsor, and you can handle the interview process in the US consulate in your home country.  Living in India will not affect the approval process of the petition as long as all documents are submitted in time.

Independent Job Search

Just as for any job, one can embark on an independent job search through direct company contact, online resources or personal contact with others working in similar fields.  In smaller companies it may be difficult make contact with the right person while living abroad, but it is still a viable option if you have the right skills or work experience.  The best situation is where you have a friend or colleague working in the company who can make an introduction on your behalf.

Web Resources for Sponsoring Companies

There are websites such as that have a database of companies that frequently sponsor H1B visas.  You can locate the companies most likely to have positions and with a history of sponsoring Indian workers in the US.  This saves you the time and trouble of sorting through Department of Labor data on H1B sponsors, and offers a quick entry to the most likely opportunities for work in the US.  Please contact us if you are interested in using this resource to assist you in your job search.

Consultants/ Agents

There are consultants and agents both in the US and India that specialize in finding positions in the IT industry.  When using these types of agents, one should be careful to evaluate their fees and effectiveness in locating a sponsor and facilitating a position.  For example, they may want you to pay the visa fees upfront or some percentage of salary for their work in obtaining the visa.  You will want to look for credible firms that have a solid reputation among the Indian IT community, with a fair and transparent fee structure.

Large Companies That Employ Many Foreign Workers

The majority of H1B visas are awarded to foreign workers of a few large tech firms that rely on the skills of employees from countries such as India.  It may be possible to contact the human resources or recruitment department of these companies directly and inquire about available positions.  Infosys is one example of this type of firm employing many Indians on H1B visas.

A recent change in H1B fees affected these firms directly, and could impact the availability of positions.  Any company that employs more than 50 workers under an H1B visa will now pay much higher fees that can total up to $10,000 per applicant.  These firms are actually protesting these fees with the USCIS arguing that they are too onerous and interfere with their ability to retain needed skilled workers.

It is doubtful the USCIS will change the new fees despite the protests, and these companies may look for ways to pass the increased visa cost on to the foreign worker even though this practice is prohibited.

  • November 18th, 2016
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52 thoughts on “Get an H1B Sponsorship While Living in India”

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in applying for H1B Visa.
    I am an indian and currently living in Bangkok as IT manager(work permit from thai immigration).
    Please advise
    Chandu Goyal

  2. Hi, I am an Indian citizen working with a financial service provider. Is there a chance for me to obtain H1B in my field.

  3. Hi i have Valid stamped H1B visa and I am looking for job opportunities in USA.
    Can anyone help??
    My skill set is oracle dba

        1. I did my masters in USA and worked in US for 3 years.. OPT and H1B visa. I got H1b visa for one year and i had to return to india as my extension was denied due to speciality occupation reason. Do you sponsor h1b in my case. Please advise..

      1. Hello sir ,
        I’m Chetan P,
        PMP certified & having +9 years of experience in industrial automation, Robotics, AI Vision.
        Now working as Team Lead (project Management)

        Recently I got selected in H1B lottery system (2nd round) so my client will file H1B petition but I need US EMPLOYER job offer for further process so if possible please do needful for reference in US company

  4. Hi All, My H1 visa is good for another 3 years. Currently working in India. I have 6 of experience in Design and Development

  5. Hi, I am looking for H1b Visa sponsorship… I am a IT professional , with more than 15 Years in IT Industry…

    Please suggest me some good IT companies who can sponsor my Visa…


  6. Hi,

    I am currently working in India as a Learning and development trainer and coordinator. My skills areas are in developing, Testing, and client handling for training modules. We develope these training modules through articulate storyline, Lectora, captivate, and do manual testing and SQL database testing. Right now I am personally working on a new cloud based software named Smart Sparrow and it is used to develope learning module. I am looking for a H1B visa sponsor. If there is any position for elearning domain then please do mail me. I have 3 years of experience in elearning domain.

  7. Hi,
    I have 12 years work experience in L2/L3 protocol testing and network virtualizatio testing with cloud computing and management. I have workng experience in TCL,Perl and Python. I have working experience in compute and storage virtualization with converged, Hyperconverged and scaleout IT infrastructureconfiguration and management. If any company is ready to sponsor me plz contact me. Plz let anybody guide me, which consultants or company I should contact for my sponsorship.

  8. I am an iOS developer living in Gurgaon India. Total experience of more than two years. I am looking for H1B visa. If there are any position then please let me know.

  9. Hi
    I have H1 B visa, which is in exempt category , currently I am working in India.
    Please guide me how I can work in US now?

    1. Hello Nivedita,

      I am looking for H1b Exempt positions. Can you please provide some help as to how can I get the exempt Category H1b from your experience.

  10. Hi I am working in us healthcare MNC and having B1B2 US visa So can Anyone tell how I can apply for H1 visa and whom to contact regarding the same.

  11. Hi I am a tax accountant specializing in US State Tax . I am an expert on one source. Total experience in US tax is near to 6 years.

  12. Hi,
    I am interested in applying for H1B visa
    I am indian and currently living in as house holed applincesUAE (work permit from thai immigratian )
    Please advise

  13. hi
    I am in USA with B1/b2 and looking for a position with H1B sponsorship.
    I am in Electronics with 20 years of experience and specialized on Scientific Analytical Instruments ( Electron Microscopes).
    Can anyone help with some contacts ?

  14. Hi,
    I’m an IT desktop support engine rankings with more than 10 years of experience in L2/L3 support, help desk, fibre optics and cloud. I am seeking an H1B Visa. Please guide me as how to apply for one.

  15. Hi,

    I am having stamped h1b, valid till Feb 2018 and 5 years are still left in my cap, I am looking for a employer, at present I am in India


    1. HI,
      How do you got your visa stamping for H1B…Please suggest some good genuine H1 B visa sponsors in India.
      Hope very soon you will get good employer to work in USA.

      Thanks in Advance,


  16. I have more than 5 years of experience as a Software Test Engineer. At present I am in India and willing to move to USA. Can anyone suggest a genuine H1B sponsor in India.

  17. I have H1 and getting expired in dec 2018. can any one help me on this? Kindly help me with job , my skill set SAP Security

  18. I am looking for H1b Exempt positions. Can you please provide some help as to how can I get the exempt Category H1b

  19. Hi,
    I am looking for H1B sponsorship. I am a SAP Consultant, around 15 years of experience, includes 3 years of onsite US experience.
    Thanks and regard
    Debi Pattanayak

  20. i did masters in civil (Structures) and working in govt of India but i want H1b visa is there any consultant who will find suitable job there

  21. I have 11 years of experience as a Software Engineer (Swift iOS). At present I am in India and willing to move to USA. Please suggest a genuine H1B sponsor in India.

  22. I am looking for H1B sponsorship, I am having 16 years of IT experience. I have worked in the areas of Agile and Waterfall Project Management. Primarily have an exposure to PeopleSoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, UNIX Scripting and PLSQL. Please let me know if any companies can sponsor for a H1B.

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