H1B Jobs for Accountants

Accountants and auditors receive one of the highest salaries in the US, with a median annual wage of $67,190 as of May 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau also estimates that there will be 142,400 new accounting jobs by 2024. With all these figures, securing an accounting job in this country may seem like a difficult pursuit. But know that finding the right job marketplace will help you choose the best H1B accounting jobs possible for you.

So, here’s a list of jobs from firms that do not only offer a greener pasture but also the opportunity to be a permanent migrant worker in the US.

Dallas, Texas

Business Control Systems, LP (BCS) is looking for an experienced distribution accountant to help them serve their large network of clients. Having spent 31 years in the IT industry, BCS has provided professional engineering and IT services across the country, with clients that include government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

The ideal candidate should have more than 8 years of experience, with a bachelors degree or equivalent experience in cost accounting and general accounting systems. Experience with distribution accounting and management inventory flow are also a must. Competitive salaries, cutting-edge training, and excellent benefits are what await the successful applicant.

San Francisco, California

The world’s first search – social hub internetwork, Hubezoo is a leading, innovative tech company. Hubezoo’s aim is for users to experience high-speed searches by interlinking all big data into 22 locality-based searches and niche hubs.

Hubezoo is currently looking for a professional who can handle the financial and accounting aspect of the company. Applicant must have experience in investor and governmental relations and big capital fundraising. Responsibilities include providing forecasts, balance sheets, and monitoring finances.

Palo Alto, California

Founded on April 2013, Walker & Company Brands is a health and beauty products company, with the goal of making health and beauty simple for people of color. This fast-growing startup has the support and financial backing of top-tier venture capital firms and angel investors.

The ideal candidate is expected to be organized, be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Responsibilities will include preparing and reviewing journal entries, budgeting and managing cash flow, completion of tax and other regulatory findings, invoice processing, overseeing activities with external accountants, reporting and account reconciliations.

San Francisco California

Short for Growing Energy Labs, Inc., Geli has been pioneering the Internet of Energy since 2010, with its software having been used in residential developments, commercial and industrial facilities, EV charging infrastructure, and microgrids all across the globe.

The company is looking for a Director of Finance, who will oversee all the accounting and finance functions. The right person should have a minimum of 7 years of financial and management experience. He must work with the CEO and senior management on all major transactions such as partnerships, debt, capital raises, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions. The Director of Finance should serve as the company’s financial link to other partners, monitor the company’s financial performance, help strategize business plans, and oversee a financial audit from a regional firm.

Mountain View, California

Verdigris is an artificial intelligence platform that combines proprietary hardware sensors and software to make buildings smarter and reduce energy costs and consumption. The Verdigris team is looking for passionate, resourceful, and quick-witted individuals to help develop their core finance and accounting functions.

To qualify, the applicant must have a BA/BS in Accounting, Finance, Business, or other similar discipline, and must be knowledgeable about the US GAAP and tax law. Knowledge of Google Sheets and cloud accounting software such as Quickbooks, Zero, and Bill is a must. The candidate must have knowledge in inventory management, cash and accrual accounting, and hardware and SaaS revenue recognition, and must be able to analyze and report results spanning consecutive quarters.

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