The Complete 2018 H1B Visa Guide

It is easy to let the time slip by, and if you are planning to apply for an H1B specialty occupation position for fiscal year 2018, you only have four months to complete all of the necessary steps before the annual lottery in April 2017.  The time to start is now, and with pending program changes this H1B visa season may be your best chance to work in the US.

We have put together a complete guide for you that outlines each stage, timelines and requirements to give you the best chance of obtaining an H1B visa next year.  

Please check back frequently as we will update this guide with any program changes, new requirements or news that might affect your visa application.

Calendar and Timelines

The most important date to remember is April 3, 2017.  That is when the USCIS will begin accepting petitions for the 2018 lottery.  You can submit before then, but that does not give you any advantage or priority.  Petitions submitted after that date will be rejected.

If you do not yet have a position offered from a US sponsor, it is time to get busy.  It could take a month or more to locate a sponsor, interview and receive a job offer, and then the sponsor must put together the petition.  You will also have to schedule a consulate interview in your country prior to the petition being approved.

If you are lucky enough to be selected in the lottery, your earliest start date is October 1, 2017.  In other words, your H1B visa is not valid for working in the US until that date, even if you are in the country before then.

Current H1B Visa Requirements

The H1B visa requirements are designed to limit the work visa to those in ‘specialty occupations’ with education and work experience that correspond to the job offered in the US.  These criteria are reviewed closely by the USCIS along with supporting documents, to make sure that only highly skilled foreign workers are given H1B visas.

For a review of H1B visa requirements you can access this article, and as of December 2016 those rules are unchanged.

The Annual Quota and Lottery

One of the criticisms of the H1B visa program is the annual cap on the number of visas available, but for now you will have to live with that reality.   The cap is currently set at 65,000 for applicants with Bachelor’s degrees, and an additional 20,000 for those with Master’s degrees.  

Those numbers could change in the future, but should pertain for the 2018 lottery.  The ‘lottery’ is a random process of selecting petitions from a pool of all applicants, although no one is quite sure how the USCIS does it.

Last year, almost 240,000 petitions were received for the 85,000 open visa slots, leaving a full two thirds of hopeful applicants without a visa even though they had a job lined up.  You can find more information about the annual lottery here.

Finding a Position and Sponsor

You have several options for finding a sponsor and position, depending on the type of specialty occupation you have.  Here are the primary categories:

  • Petitions subject to the annual cap:

The majority of corporate sponsors will offer you a position that is subject to the annual cap and lottery.  There is a wide range of specialty occupations that qualify for H1B visas, although IT positions always top the list of most visas awarded.  A more complete listing of occupations can be seen here


  • Cap exempt positions:

The better alternative for H1B visa success is to look for a position with nonprofit or government organizations.  These US employers are exempt from the annual lottery, and as long as you qualify you can work with an H1B visa.  We have some resources that go into depth on the cap exempt route, and it is worth considering since these positions can be applied for at any time of year.

Some recent rule changes have relaxed the restrictions of nonprofits to partner with corporations, allowing some positions to be offered cap exempt.


  • F1 student:

Foreign students already studying in the US and preparing to graduate have several avenues to secure an H1B visa.  In many ways, it is easier for students, and this is one way for a student to use their degree to start working without leaving the US.

This article explains the process more in depth. 

Filing the H1B Visa Petition

The H1B visa petition must be filed by the US sponsor.  The foreign worker is technically the ‘beneficiary’ of the petition.  If a US employer has been a frequent sponsor of H1Bs they will have a system for filing and know the process and deadlines.  They will involve the foreign worker to supply documentation and information required in the petition, and the employer should pay all H1B visa fees.

Premium Processing:  

If for some reason, you have applied late and are in danger of missing the deadline in April, there is an expedited petition review process, called Premium Processing which requires an additional fee.  However, it does shorten the review period to only two weeks.

A detailed discussion of this can be found here.  

Documentation and Interview

A key part of the petition is the documents that you supply to the sponsor, confirming your degree, area of specialization and work experience. These will also be a part of your consulate interview if you are applying from your home country.  The documents, transcripts and resumes must match the information in the petition, and any false statements will result in denial, or even deportation if you are already in the US.

The interview can be scheduled online in many countries, but the availability of time slots may vary so check the website for your local US consulate.  There is more information about preparing for the interview in this article, and it is important to be ready ahead of time.  

H1B Visa Petition Fees

The H1B visa fees cover several areas, and the cost varies depending on the type of sponsor.  In general, visa fees must be paid by the sponsor, and cannot legally be given to you to pay.  The exception is premium processing and attorney fees, if you decide to use one.

This is a quick summary of H1B visa fees.  

Updates on Changes to H1B Program Requirements and Rules

There have been several rule changes by USCIS that you should be aware of, but most do not affect original H1B visa petitions.  However, with the incoming Trump administration, there may be changes to the program that will affect future H1B visa requirements.

We will update this section as there are new developments, and for now you can see the most recent rule changes here.  

If you are still looking for a position and sponsor, please contact us so that we can assist you in meeting the 2018 H1B visa application deadlines.

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  3. I want to get a H1B visa for is it possible ? I am an instructor in English for 5 years.I got 6 in Ielts test on academic module. What are legal process to get a H1B visa

    1. There is only one process……. if want to know the legal process first let us know the illegal process 😉

  4. Good day,

    I am relocating to South Florida, and have been applying for jobs since Jan 2017; I have either not had a response about jobs list on the h1b visa site, or only received e-mails requesting dates for interviews with employers for jobs applied to through other sites.
    Is it too late for me to get an employer to sponsor me to work in the US for 2017? I understand the earliest start date will be October 2017 – and I was hoping to move to the US by August or September 2017.

    Any advice or guidance on the subject will be appreciated.

    Thank you and kind regards,

  5. Please also report on the STEM OPT Repeal by Trump. One website has reported in detail on a court case between Washtech and DHS. Seems like OPT an STEM OPT will be revoked or repealed soon. Big changes coming for everyone which are not good. Not Good At all.


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