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How to Appeal a Denial of an H1B Visa Petition

If your petition for a new H1B visa (or transfer) has been denied there are specific steps that you can take to appeal. Basically, an appeal is a review of ...

  • May 13th, 2016
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Can a Spouse of an H1B Visa Holder Work In the US?

Until 2015 the spouses of H1B visa holders were not permitted to work in the US, unless they had secured their own H1B visa sponsor and petition approval. However, that ...

  • May 11th, 2016
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Time-Related Exemptions From the H1B Visa Cap

While the best known H1B visa cap exemptions are for educational or research positions as we discussed in a previous article, there are a few other ways to avoid the ...

  • April 24th, 2016
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How To Apply For a Cap-Exempt Position?

The annual quota for H1B Visas has been met for 2016, which is capped at 65,000 visas awarded. Unfortunately, there are far more petitions submitted than can be approved each ...

  • April 14th, 2016
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10 Common H1B Interview Questions and How to Prepare Responses

One of the steps to obtaining an H1B work visa form abroad is the interview at the US Consulate Office in your country.  You can review the five steps to ...

  • April 14th, 2016
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What Can You Do If You Missed the H1B Visa Cap?

The H1B work visa is a much sought after non-immigrant visa, and each year the US limits the number of H1B visas available.  For 2016, the number of non-exempt H1B ...

  • April 12th, 2016
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