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USCIS Has Changed The H-1B Visa Filing Process

Before now, there was usually an annual rush to file H-1B cap-subject visa petition during the first five business days in April. But this rush would be a thing of ...

  • February 20th, 2020
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What are the HR 1044 S. 386 Bills about

The Bill driven by Senator Lee and Senator Durbin intends to remove the limits of caps on employment/ job based green cards. This is to help bring to an end ...

  • February 16th, 2020
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H1B visa 2020 visa application new rules

On January 11th, 2020, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services released some set of the latest news regarding the H1B Visa category for the 2021 season. First, it was ...

  • February 2nd, 2020
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The Proposed Cap Removal On The Green Card And Its Effect On The H1B Visa Candidates

WHAT IS H1B VISA A Visa scheme established in 1990, the H1B visa program allows U.S. companies temporarily employ workers from other countries who have at least, a bachelor’s degree ...

  • July 15th, 2019
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New Rule Will Affect H1B Visa Extension Applications

A new USCIS policy memorandum has broadened its power to issue a Notice to Appear for non-immigrants seeking to extend their H1B visa.  This is a move that seems clearly ...

  • June 30th, 2019
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Is the H1B Visa Annual Quota On the Way Out?

Once again, the H1B visa is in the news, as some of the executives of top US tech companies are weighing in on possible reform measures.  They are especially concerned ...

  • June 23rd, 2019
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